« What are you doing this afternoon, tonight ? Where are you going for lunch, diner? Where are you watching the game ? »

You are an occasional tourist or a regular vacationer, in love with the Basque Country, its culture, its landscapes, you are a Basque exiled in Paris, Pakito opens its doors, welcoming you, for a moment of evasion, to be back in the Basque Country just for a little while.

At noon, relax while tasting your favorite foods, piperade, veal axoa, ink calamari, sipping a glass of Irouleguy, of Rioja, of Navarre, of Txakoli, or a glass of Sagamo (Basque beer) or Eki beer.

In the evening, tapas will compete with main dishes. You could nibble while watching a rugby game, eat heartily watching a corrida, or more simply relax and sing :« J’irai de Pampelune jusqu’à Bayonne … and Paquito Chocolatero » .

Pakito, the best of the Basque country

Welcomes you and is looking forward to meet you for lunch, diner, a game or a private party you may wish to organize.

milesker ! Thank you, sari arte and see you soon !
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